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Experience rewarding and intense Photo Review Sessions with Robert Floyd,

an experienced and successful Photojournalist, Instructor, and Gallery Owner.

Robert Floyd looks, listens, and converses for a living.

Robert foresees problems and recommends multiple solutions for your life to run more smootthly and profitably as an artist.

His consulting services range from print and portfolio reviews, to major image editing, to selling and marketing your art as artwork, to brainstorming for your new work and projects.

  • Please bring as many prints and digital images you wish to share with Robert.

  • Prepare yourself for a PRICELESS adventure! 

  • Robert guarantees to raise your photography to your next level.

  • Robert will critique each and every image and reveal to you a style that emerges from your images.

  • You may ask any question and expect an answer to your satisfaction.

  • Robert will discover strengths in your photography and how you will improve them.

  • In this process, your weaknesses will be revealed and suggestions offered on how you most constructively can address them.

  • You will be offered three project recommendations to pursue over next 3 months to take your photography to the next level.

  • Only $250 for a 90 minute photo review session with Robert Floyd PLUS a second complete NEW follow-up photo review session within 90 days! Two sessions for the investment of one!

  • Call or email for details. 413-529-2635

Portfolio Reviews_half-day 

  • I will focus and review your portfolio at The Floyd Photo Gallery in Southampton, MA or at another convenient location.

  • I will comment on the strengths and weakness of your images and offer constructive suggestions in a half-day session.

  • Call or email for details. $300.  413-529-2635

Sell & Market Your Art as Artwork_half day 

  • Receive expert advice to sell and market your art as artwork.

  • This essentially is a private one-on-one class for you now.    

  • Open to ALL artists. Learn that it is all about YOU as an artist.                                              

  • Call or email for details. $300.  413-529-2635

Testimonials from some satisfied clients:

A quick note to say thank you for the one on one session this past Wednesday.  I learned more in that hour and a half than I have in months of manual reading and internet searching.  I’ve begun putting your advice to work here and am excited to see my future photos!. It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you.

_Derek Allard, Easthampton


I have had the privilege and pleasure of working closely with Robert Floyd on the development of a series of personal portfolios. 

He met with me 1:1 and guided me systematically through the arduous process of reviewing my library of work helping me to see where I have strong enough bodies of work to “warrant” specific personal portfolios (e.g. intimate portraits, cityscapes…). 

As we reviewed individual images he used his photographic expertise and his wisdom as a gallery owner to give me editorial suggestions which, more times than not, truly improved my image, along with practical feedback.  

He struck a delicate balance of being supportive and encouraging but also willing to be honest and straightforward if he thought a particular image was too weak to be included in a portfolio at the present time.  I did not feel like he imposed his style or a set agenda but instead encouraged me to see my own strengths and my own photographic voice. Sometimes our opinions differed but I always felt respected and I found that his explanations were thoughtful and educative.

If he referenced someone else's work in order to make a point, it was not uncommon for me to receive an email later that evening with a photo attached, illustrating the point he was making. I felt like he was “holding” our process even when we were not actively meeting in a session. 

He taught me the importance of valuing my work and how best to show it to those who may be interested. 

He was patient and steadfast in his willingness to help me complete this otherwise overwhelming task.  After 4 sessions, I came away with a series of well-organized portfolio folders each with selections of “best of” images that I am now ready to print. I  am truly grateful for his professional guidance, wisdom and endless encouragement to discover and uncover my artistic vision.

_Diane Norman, Hadley


Hi Robert, I wanted to say thank you for your one -on one session. It was very beneficial and it gave me another way to look at my landscapes. I normally would not look at landscape in a vertical manner. I will now look at my images with the possibility of making them vertical. I will also look at cropping my images differently. I will also consider doing a one-on one session in the future, before I print images. Again thanks Robert. 

_Jack Grimaldi, Ludlow


Our session was helpful on many levels including helping me to focus more on the fine art aspect of my work. I appreciated you identifying my work that moved you and why it did so. I do wish we could have been in the same room but I did so appreciate your flexibility in meeting with me over the phone! Thanks much, 

_Amy Klein, Windsor, CT


“I was unsatisfied with the technical quality of my photographic images and needed professional help. Robert in a very short time gave me the skills needed to advance the quality of my work which has now been published in several national magazines. I have never experienced so much improvement in such a short time which is due to Robert's informative and knowledgeable teaching style.”

_Jeff Zamek, Ceramics Consulting Services, Southampton, MA


“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Learn to Sell ... and Learn to Market Your Art as Artwork Workshops.  They provided a wonderful overview of key principles and specific strategies for thinking about photography as a business.  Robert is a clear communicator and took a personal interest in understanding me as an artist.  He helped to fine tune my mission statement and think deeply about where I want to go with my photography.  This was one of my best investments.”   

_Mark L, Amherst, MA

Photo Archive Management Session_

  • Assess your photo management plans before you leave this planet. 

  • What will happen to your digital images on those portable hard drives? 

  • How about all those master prints in your portfolio cases? 

  • What? You have no portfolio cases. Oy vey!

  • Why are we not prepared? Our lack of time, indecision about opportunities, and denial of our own mortality.

  • Minimize the chaos. Maximize the gain. Minimize the tax liability.

  • Call for details as every situation warrants a different fee.

I always wanted to combine these two images. Here's what I captured in the above image.

Enjoy. Life is too short, my friend.


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