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Some thoughts for you now:

  • Don't show me what you see. Show me what you feel.
  • Do you know how people read your images? If not, how do you expect to lead their eye to what you consider important? Photographers must be visually literate.
  • The WHY is important, it informs the HOW. As in HOW you make an image depends on WHY you're making it, where you want them to look, and what you want to say.
  • Only visual literacy will get you there.
  • An awareness of your own body of work shows you where you have been, where are you were going, where are you might be heading, and reveals the common threads and themes of your vision.
  • Your own passions-the place your vision resides-will naturally come out in some form, even roughly, and if you look at your work you'll see the patterns. 
  • Looking at your past and present work, you see the commonalities in the subjects, themes, and styles you seem to grad activate two; they were clues hear about your vision, and the more aware and mindful you are, the more intentionally you can pursue these.
  • It's the prints that allow was to send something like a movie else that will likely go see.
  • The camera looks both ways. And picturing the subject, you were also picturing a part of yourself.


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