Robert Floyd

photojournalist, Southampton, MA

photo of or by Robert Floyd

Robert Floyd owns and operates The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery.

Robert Floyd is a photojournalist, an award winning nature photographer, and owner/director of The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery and Learning Center. Robert serves on the board of directors of Easthampton Media. As a travel photographer, he works with book authors and conservation groups. Robert creates wall portraiture of canines with their human companions. He is forever grateful to the solid 13 years he had St. John's University, Jamaica, NY as his chief client. The love, trust, friendship, and adventure the administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends showered Robert continuously has formed the man he is today. It was an adventure few in this world are allowed to experience at the intensity and pace being published thousands of times as a result.

“My birth gifted me with a curious mind and a sense of adventure. Accepting this allowed me to interact up close and personal very wild and interesting people and places. As a small child, I experienced the world in a challenging manner. A 'beginner’s mind' if you will.  Fall River, Boston, Long Island, and Manhattan reinforced my openness and losing preconceptions. This enabled me to 'see the world for the very first time,' with awe and wonder. Emotion distracts yet it is this awe and wonder that motivate me to capture what I feel, the moment I feel it. Climb aboard and experience my artwork the way I feel it. Thank you…“_Robert Floyd


“Recently we've learned from publisher Sarah Bauhan that “Another Language” has been chosen by Pearson Educational Publishers for inclusion in the new Core Curriculum  they are preparing for use in public schools all  over the United States.  This new curriculum (K-12), mandated by the Obama Administration to begin in 2014, is designed to prompt discussions of  humanitarian issues of importance in our society.  We are thrilled that the stories in our book will be used to explore with students the therapeutic bonds between dogs and humans, the ways in which life is a collaborative effort, the need to rethink terms like “disabled”, “different,” “handicapped”.  This gives new definition to the phrase “getting the word out.”
__Author Jeannie Braham and Photographer Robert Floyd

     Yes before Another Language goes into a second printing we have a limited offering of signed first edition books. Contact for your copy today. Thank you.


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