3 Ways To Be More Creative: Start The New Year Better

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:Robert shares hints on how to tap into your creativity more fully.

Yes, although they’re more, my experience favors these 3 ways to be more creative. Creative is a relative term yet we all know what it means to us. Let’s explore how to be more creative now.

  1. The easiest…well, the most obvious…is simply be yourself. That’s it! You may admire other creative types. These individuals can be good examples for their successful methods. They may work well for them and be a disaster for you. So jettison trying to emulate anyone. Know your self, breathe and feel what your strengths are now. You have many. Maybe write them down right now.
  2. See what you create as celebrations not goals, nor end results, nor products. What’s your purpose? I see it at not creating what it is you create at any cost yet to connect with yourself. Connection. It will ground you. Focus yourself. Contemplate more than react. What is it out there that puts a smile on your face?
  3. How do you deal with your circumstances? Many are out of your control, yes, I agree. Others you can change and control. This is hard. You need to commit to them once you discover what they are. Another list? Perhaps, if only to read what you have selected to write down. Reduce emotional distress it will set you free to allow yourself to be more creative.

So forget the diets, the resolutions, the vows… be yourself instead, celebrate, and reduce stress. Have a most creative year ahead in 2018. If not, why not?

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