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:Seasonal changes activate donations and healing conversations.

October…brr-r-r-r! Oh no, not the temp.  September is…well…gone. Never more. I love autumn. I love September…more.

Today, it rained and rained as I opened The Gallery. Then, a steady stream of Gallery Visitors entered donating digital and film cameras. One received some previously donated 35mm black and white film. The Gallery donates film cameras to local high school art departments and point-and-capture digital cameras to Riverside Industries, Easthampton, MA, for their clients. It is what we do.

Today, it seemed like Christmas withe everyone in better spirits. I love how differently The Galley affects people in ways that are not visible to most. Teamwork.

The Gallery’s mission is to raise the level of appreciation for photography in the Pioneer Vallery. We are weeks away from completing our 17th year. WOW! At times I feel we are only beginning. So much more ahead. Stay tuned…

Sam Keen has had a big influence on me. Perhaps a mentor. I enrolled in his Omega Institute and Open Center workshops. He taught me to live differently, to be more open to change, and see patterns in life previously unknown to me. One take away is people need to tell their stories to be healed. How true.

I took that into The Gallery to invite local photographers into a venue that supports them so they can tell their stories in a warm trusting environment. Thus, our ‘every’ Sunday afternoon Artist Gallery Conversations at 3:00 pm. Yes, refreshments, too.

The audience varies. The stories can be more or less technical. Human emotion is shared. Questions ooze out. Answers flow. A Win-Win for all.  It is what we do.

Teamwork. We share. We learn. We forget. We remember. It’s all part of the adventure.

Please do join us any Sunday afternoon. ‘We’ll leave the light on for you.”

Image: Bumble bee collecting pollen ©Robert Floyd, 2018

About the Author: Robert Floyd is a naturalist, photojournalist, and photo gallery owner. You can usually find him, when he’s not in The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery, leading field trips, from late morning to early evening, in the beautiful Pioneer Valley, Cape Cod, Cape May, Newport, Manhattan, and Canada. Follow him here and on FACEBOOK. You'll be glad you did.


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