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:Some ways to nourish yourself and your creativity this winter season.

December brings much nourishment for our eyes, mind, and, yes, our stomach. Many of us fail to nourish our soul. Not in a religious sense, I mean what balances us, what drives us, and what makes life worth while. My photo students often comment how enriched their lives are not by looking at their images yet by getting it out there. Exploring. Experiencing. Meeting new people. Filling one self with awe. Discovering the inner child in us. Without an internal life we can easily become robotic. In other words…play!

In our workshop sessions at The Gallery and field trips, we certainly provide details, how-to lessons, examples, problem solve, encourage creativity yet what seems most valuable is sharing my passion for photography with them. I encourage them to share their passion and seeing with others. When they learn, they feed their soul, and open up to new possibilities. Camaraderie expands. Acceptance grows. Introspection deepens.

Starting now, I highly recommend going for a walk, take in a play, treat yourself to a movie, go visit the library and take out a book, play with your four-legged family member more, exercise, throw out clutter, donate clothes to those entities that are nearby, find old family photos and cry, make some organic kernel-less popcorn…and share!

These are remedies against all that wears us down. Play! Play! Play!

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