Free and Brave with a Camera

:We celebrate images of photojournalist Darren Port.

Unguarded spontenaity is a term we do not often use at The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery. Now is the time. Darren Port.

  • Darren is a new photographer to The Gallery coming from nearby Northampton, MA.
  • He exhibited in our “Moving Towards Social Justice” exhibits curated by our Ms. Pat Crutchfield at Monson House of Art and The Floyd Gallery these past two months.
  • Welcome aboard, Darren. Allow me to share some sentiments on his artwork.
  • Darrren's verticals give his images dignity.
  • Rendering them as black and whites prevents us from being distracted by the color of his subjects' clothes.
  • This combination captures human emotion.
  • It tells a story. We see. We hear. We listen. We understand. 

DACA Vigil © Darren Port, 2018

Our eyes travel from left to right viewing this image and upwards. The line of the hand held candles immediately draws our attention.Then are eyes focus on the centered figure. Her white of the eye stands out and rivets our attention. We study her attentive stare wondering her thoughts. The selective focus here allows us to stay with the subject longer. Our emotions rise as this is not a passive look. It activates our seeing and our individual thoughts most successfully. We partake in the vigil. Success.

Thomas, NOHO © Darren Port, 2018

Darren's use of a square combines the benefits of the landscape aspect ratio with the portrait aspect ratio (horizontal and vertical) for beauty and dignity. Thomas is captured against brick and glass patterns. They are softer and at an angle making Darren's subject pop, a 3D effect used very well here. Darren's lower camera angle positions Thomas higher giving us a long study of him. His beard camouflages his facial expressions somewhat yet his eyes and mouth are riveting and hint at Thomas' deeper emotions carried through his years. The signage here is succinct describing Thomas' plight and that of so many untold others. Please help him.

PRIDE © Darren Port, 2018

Darren Port demonstrates a refreshing style in these set of images so far. His subject pops out against a busy geometric background that easily slants away. The vertical and Darren's camera angle give his subject dignity and respect. The dress patterns, tattoos  hair curls, gloved hands, matching purse, heavy neckless, and make-up frame the strong expression captured well in black and white. the gloved hand directs our attention at the end of an S-curve right to the face. The lightness of the face demands out attention amongst the business of all. Perfect. 

Lucio © Darren Port, 2018

I am humbled. This image is iconic. It needs to be seen and appreciated by the masses ..forever and ever. I am lost for words yet will give it a try here now. Yes, the vertical adds dignity. The three framed women ministers add hope and grace as they support Lucio and who he represents now. Lucio wears clothes one imagines donated to him here. They add a touch more of the appreciation he feels. Lucio absorbs the love and support with dignity. Darren captures the shoes and the arms and the hands, all important to give us a complete visual. His folded hands are the exclamation point. The sashes of the two flanking ministers have their own story, their heritage, their grace. Strong triangle with their three heads. Nice flow back and forth. The stone wall to me means a brotherhood with Lucio's hometown churches and those here in our Pioneer Valley. Connection.

Darren Port…kepp on, keepin' on. There will always be room for your artwork at The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery and Learning Center. Thank you.

Image: Fireworks, Manhattan © Robert Floyd

About the Author: Robert Floyd is a naturalist, photojournalist, and photo gallery owner. You can usually find him, when he’s not in The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery, leading field trips from late morning to early evening in the beautiful Pioneer Valley, Cape Cod, Cape May, Newport, Manhattan, and Canada. Follow him here and on FACEBOOK.


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