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:Often I motivate others to capture a mood or tell a story with their images. How? Great question

Often I motivate others to capture a mood or tell a story with their images. How? Great question…thought you’d never ask! Hmmm…first we need to be sensitive to our energy, our mood at the moment. Identify and focus on our mood and embrace it or not. The more we focus on our mood, the easier we can change it.

My mood this afternoon in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia was constant awareness. It is my second visit here in five weeks. Our Learning Center’s August photo workshop was s most successful adventure. Now I plan for Nova Scotia 2016 photo workshops. Lots to do meeting locals and making plans for next summer and fall.

Patience and perseverance honed from lifetimes in Manhattan have made me selective. It takes too much time to process so many images. Being selective allows us to ferret out strong images. We have freedom to walk away from a subject when our mood isn’t right, the lighting isn’t cooperating, or our subject seems lacking a mood. To capture or NOT to capture? Our choice.

It was time to refresh at a favorite restaurant, The Old Fish Factory and Ice House. This was my first break in four days. Life buzzed around me. My feeling was playful and emotionally drained. I soaked up nearby visuals. Sitting left me less to concentrate on now. Drinks arrived. The light played creating shadows and colors. It drew me instantly into a two dimensional world. Camera in hand I allowed my eye to wander and create something. This is what I made and now share with you.

My thanks to waitstaff Michelle for her perfect placement…and awesome service!


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