Musical chairs…err, portfolio boxes…

:It's what I do to organize photographers.

It's snows heavily. Inside, I sort…shuffle…30 years of prized photographic prinnts into ...count them…33 portfolio boxes, all labeled differently. Seasoned photographers hire me to do this for them. Yes, so much easier to select the finest images for everybody else. This is truly painful for me yet I love it. 

Why? Well, now I soar out of an hibernation of sorts. Julius Lester's memorial service a few days ago has set me free as a challenge. I no longer soak up his 2-3 daily facbook posts with fascination as I drink my morning coffee. Sending him midnite emails with excitement and questions for near immediate responses are no longer possible. Opening the fridge door in the wee hours of the morning is lessf a comfort knowing he is no longer awake working on a number of his projects. Julius was unable to sleep at night so he worked from midnite to 5 am each and every night. No more.

I accept I excell to remember where a print is stored, when there is a duplicate, a series, a theme. I consult photographers who need direction and organization. I soak up all their visual and mental clues. It's whay I do. Sometimes photographers are startled at what they judge is my play. Not so much. When they leave The Gallery, their images are still in my heart and soul. Remember Ellen Burstyn in the 1980 movie “Resurrection?” She heals others yet carries their energy and pain with her. Well…not quite yet almost.

Teamwork. This is why for years The Gallery's Adobe Certified Ed Judge instructs Lightroom for photographers, a Library class as well as by a Develop module class. Finding a photograph need never be a search and hunt mission. Smooth workflow. Our next Library module class? Saturday, MAR 10, 10:00 am - 1:00pm. We guarantee success.


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