Relaxation, Now Or…?

:In the midst of our busy, stressed lives, it's vital for us to put our devices down and learn how to relax.

Our Learning Center photography students for the most part share a common trait. Their lives become more successful and more hectic. Squeeze this in and rush here and back there and… Busy! We incorporate meditation exercises out in the field especially for our “Zen and Landscape Photography; Open your Mind, Follow Your Heart” workshop. We will sense the environment with eyes closed mostly standing still feeling the breeze, hearing the gurgling stream, and smelling the fragrances. Then everyone is relaxed and their seeing increases, gifting them better nature images. Win-Win!

What to do at home though is a concern. Allow me to share. Relax more…and not with an iPhone in one hand looking over your toes at the TV. That may be entertainment and rest yet not relaxation. OK how then? Zen, yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques come to mind. We are way to busy with multi-tasking, deadlines and a resistance to do nothing alone for an hour or so. How to start? No worries… Select a quiet environment (you knew that, right?) and develop a passive not active attitude. Select a comfortable position reducing efforts by your body muscles and this is the hard part…select a mantra or a word or a sound.

One way to accomplish this is sit in a comfortable position, eyes closed, then relax your muscles beginning with your shoeless feet and slowly work up to your head. Breathe through your nose. Best not after a meal then it becomes an unwanted nap, good or bad. Pick a short word to “say” or listen to a sound as you breathe in and out. Continue for 20 minutes…do not pass go. Plan this twice a day. Guaranteed to make you feel calmer yet more energetic and more confident to tackle those projects that seem to allude us all. You will be glad you did.


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