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:Return to your favorites places when you can revisit. No need to cherish your memories forever. They have served you well so far.

Return to your favorites places when you can revisit. No need to cherish your memories forever. They have served you well so far. We become better photographers when we return to a place and see it again. First impressions aside, we are now more attentive to detail. We know this to be true. My Mom often inquired when I was a teenager, “You went out last night. Why wold you want to go out tonight?” My response was something like, “That was last night, this is now.”
At The Gallery’s Learning Center, I have witnessed both philosophies. Certainly new experiences are most wonderful yet when it is about our photography, less visits do not generate more strong images necessarily. Today was no exception.

Leaving the penultimate day of sugar shack breakfast in Blandford, a revisit to the nearby Sheepgate Farm seemed like a good idea. My favorite shop on the planet bar none. Maureen is the holistic spirit that greets you with the most magical “hello.” Her earthy offerings delight all the senses. Kiefer now has an earth friendly natural herbal dog soap and the van a sheepskin steering wheel cover.

My eyes viewed a framed wildflower image that moved and humbled me simultaneously. It is one of the more powerful wildflower images I have seen. To think there is somebody that good locally that is under The Gallery’s radar stunned me. I walked away and became distracted with all the delights. As I was leaving and discussing The Gallery with Maureen she said, “Vern Wells.” I lit up and exclaimed, “Vern is a favorite and the best wildflower photographer winning several Gallery awards starting back in early 2002.” She smiled and pointed back to the wildflower image that so moved me. Vern Wells created that image. Smiles.

Revisit whatever the reasons. You’ll be glad you did.


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