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:Brattleboro delivers the best graffiti outside of NYC. Today was no exception. The scene was overwhelming.

Brattleboro delivers the best graffiti outside of NYC. Today was no exception. The scene was overwhelming. My goal was to pull out a subject from everything around me. I distilled the scene walking closer and closer. Then one building. Then one wall. Then one large word on the wall. Then 3 letters in the middle of the one long word on one wall of one building. One click. Simple message. Lots of photographers do not give themselves permission to play, to distill at will without self judgement.

My mandate is to instruct photographers and challenge them to take their photography to the next level. Sometimes their new images are extremely strong yet out goes my challenge. Purpose? I want them to own their seeing, to defend their images, and yes to simplify and play. It is so much easier to challenge novice than advanced photographers. The former recognize they need to learn, the latter not so much at times. I want them to think for themselves not to allow others to think for them. People mean well yet they can heavily influence us away from our own natural seeing. Our seeing is formed by our emotion, imagination, and willingness to play.

So play, have fun, get close and …ski..


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Yellow day lilies.

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