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:Hiking odysseys demand safety first, pleasure second, and learning opportunities always.

Hiking odysseys demand safety first, pleasure second, and learning opportunities always. There is work yet to be done to ensure our Newfoundland Eco-Adventure participants have ample time to reach their once-in-a-lifetime vistas. It’s a very ambitious trip and we cannot travel there this year as well as next year. What to do? Retaining wall replacements, guide rail installations, road upgrades, and trail reroutes will NOT be completed in time. Simple stuff can make big difference in satisfaction. A volunteer group, the International Appalachian Trail Newfoundland and Labrador enhancement crew will start next month to do some serious trail improvement for older blow downs and new trail reroutings. Present conditions will wear us down and either we give up some spectacular landscapes/seascapes or spend less time photographing and being in the moment with them. I do not believe in forced marches across less than smooth terrain.

I refuse to shorten the trip as well as reduce the many offerings. One solution is to only travel to Western Newfoundland next year instead of now. Some want to sign up already. Others need space between last year’s Newfoundland adventure. The Western roads and trails have not been reconditioned in years. This year’s improvements will facilitate our travels immensely. So…no Western Newfoundland trip this year. Same time next year.

Our expanded Eastern Newfoundland trip as scheduled will be held next year…a day earlier than this years schedule. Those wanting a streamlined experience this year will fly and join me in St. John’s during this June. Avalon Peninsula it is. Next year, the Bonavista Peninsula as well. I will interview potential natural history guides for next year in St. John’s. Canada is excellent in refunding deposits as is The Gallery & Learning Center. Good eats in Canada and breakfasts are on the house in St. John’s this year. Our maximum group size is five. I know that with me at your side egging you on… and with your passion and determination honed during many years of experience …you will create awesome images! RSVP.

Image: Our group led through the fog by a willing natural history guide towards 120,000 waiting nesting Northern gannets, black-legged kittiwakes, common murres, thick-billed murres, and razorbills, at Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, Newfoundland during our most successful 2015 Gallery expedition.


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