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:Life needs to be an adventure filled with mystery, struggles, accomplishments, and the unexpected…at least for me.

Life needs to be an adventure filled with mystery, struggles, accomplishments, and the unexpected…at least for me.

The Gallery evolved after a cold walk with Baron, a black lab, on New Year’s Day, 2001. There was a small “For Rent” sign on a large window of a house on the corner of local East Street and RT. 10. Slowing Baron down, I quickly surveyed the windows, and as he pulled harder on his leash, I remembered vaguely there was a small insurance office there recently. “I’m taking it,” I exclaimed out loud to my lifemate. “For what?” “Dunno..”

Months later it came to me quite unexpectedly, a photo gallery for photographers to exhibit. Then on December 8, Carl Montagna exhibited, followed by a Nature Photo Contest, our 1st Annual “Women in History Month” exhibit, and monthly exhibits by John Green, Jr., Mark Picard, Ken Kippen et al. Lots of great publicity, articles, and buzz kept us on a roll serving the community with bringing photography awareness to the next level.

Roger Lobdell was there from day one, actually months before questioning my goals. Roger had several outstanding exhibits during which there was some difficulty renting a local town space for photo classes and workshops. With Roger, I think out loud rapidly and his comments challenge my direction. Suddenly, it was obvious…create a Learning Center here at The Gallery. Hundreds and hundreds of workshop participants have benefited from my style of instruction, taking everyone to their next level…and then some.

Gallery Visitors trust The Gallery to offer unique artworks frequently, mostly monthly. Our Sunday afternoon receptions feature Gallery Conversations at 3:00 pm. We have engaged with the community, near and far, making strong friendships… priceless! Our workshop participants create strong bonds with fellow photographers often enjoying nature and events together.

This is composed on the ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia, where I continue to instruct and work on photo projects. Stay tuned and thank you for being a part of the journey.


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