What is your next challenge?

:My belief? Continue to challenge yourself, move forward, remain open and flexible to change.

My belief? Continue to challenge yourself, move forward, remain open and flexible to change. My work on personal projects, some more successful then others, has balanced my commissions, assignments, and teaching others through seminars, workshops and field trips. I love the field trips! More on personal projects…

The reason I started the blog www.robertfloydphoto.com/blog was to challenge you and motivate you to challenge me…teamwork! We need to stop isolating ourselves and interact more to create a stronger community. Let’s take advantage of technology, embrace it, rediscover ourselves, and share, share, share. If not, why not?

Our Long Term Project Photo Workshop historically supports self-discovery, focus on specific goals, and ignore…yes, ignore…what other photographers may be doing now with a similar subject theme. Goals are sensitive and it takes hard work and sometimes peer support to stay on track. Focusing on other people’s similar work usually distracts you from our goals and leads us in a competing direction to our chosen path for wrong reasons. It also frustrates you; it makes you look at the end result instead of the path to get to your end result. Chaos. Overload. Burnout.

Many of the photographers The Gallery features have achieved some successes, met their share of challenges and, in some cases, taken their careers in father and further. Cool. They have kept their sights on the goal. We share their work with you anyway we can now.

So, having successfully completed 3 Canadian photo adventures in only 3 months, I needed a challenge immediately. Spontaneously, I picked up my iPhone and in a heartbeat decided to create my first video. Subject? Kiefer and his son Porter in Nova Scotia. Time? 90 constant minutes with no break to learn the process, review images and video clips, and sort them out in a story telling order. Result? You decide.

What is your next challenge?


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