Basic Digital Photography

Jun 14, 2018 - Jul 19, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Category: Workshop

Learn to use your camera better to improve your images now.

B-a-s-i-c digital photography is taught by working photojournalist/ fine-art photographer Marc St. Onge.

Basics of Successful Digital Photography with photojournalist Marc St. Onge, Westfield

Learn your camera for fun visuals now…

A six week course with five sessions and homework assignments on the Basics of Successful Digital Photography will be held at the Robert Floyd Photo Gallery and Learning Center.

Sign up now. In this workshop you will learn the principles of making better photos:

  • What makes for a successful photograph?
  • The proper exposure, the way we want it.
  • Focus on our subject, the way we want it.
  • Composition of visual elements, the way we want it.
  • Apply those three and you will have a photograph that successfully expresses your vision.
  • Learn to manipulate three camera controls to get the exposure you want—aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity.
  • Learn what needs to be in focus and how to achieve it.
  • Learn what needs to be out of focus to create a more successful photograph.
  • Finally you will learn about composition and its role in pulling the viewer into your photograph, giving them a tour of your vision and making them want to see more.

Every building needs a strong foundation, so does your photography if it is to be structurally sound. This course will give you a firm grasp not only of the mechanics of a successful photograph but insight as well into the forces that drive you to be a photographer.

Bring questions, camera, a photograph or three, an open mind.

What you will bring home: answers, techniques, ideas. 

We meet JUN 14, JUN 21, JUN 28, JUL 12, and JUL 19, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Price: $175.


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Robert Floyd interacts with students in Provincetown, MA ©Madeline Catania

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