“Intermediate Photography” Workshop

Nov 29, 2018 - Jan 3, 2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Category: Workshop

Hone your skills. Learn to improve immediately. Take your photography to the next level. Come learn to create stronger images easier and consistently!

Working photojournalist Marc St. Onge will instruct this limited enrollment Intermediate Photography workshop.

  • Are you ompletely satisfied with the photographs you create?
  • Want to improve them now?
  • Come learn how to create more dynamic iimages…easily and consistently! 
  • Make the challenge and take your photography to your next level.
  • Learn the composition values of line, color, value, shape and form, space, texture.
  • Use these elements in your design for balance, unity, contrast, emphasis, pattern and movement & rhythm.
  • Images need to be planned to include perspective, depth, action or movement, unity, pleasing shapes and more!
  • Please contact us now for details.
  • Thank you.

Your first session:

Question: what do you want to do with your photography?

Fishing metaphor - do you want to be a commercial fisherman selling to the public or a lone angler putting prize bass on wall to admire in private? Or something in between?

Question: what do you NOT like to photograph and why?

Technical section: custom camera settings, lens selection for particular effects.

Image review: bring up to nine images to discuss - some winners, someless than winners.


Price: 175


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