Moving Towards Social Justice

May 19, 2018 - May 28, 2018 | Category: Call For Entries

Women's March by Rosemary Polletta

Photo exhibit to start a conversation not make a statement.

Moving Toward Social Justice…still time to enter your digital images, loose prints, and artwork.

  • We invite you to submit digital images for our review by emailing your digital images sized at 200 dpi with 12 inches on longest side to
  • Please label your images with last name, first initial, underscore short image title.    example: SmithR_Ice flows 1
  • We will work individually with you…as this is NOT a photo contest. Thank you!
  • Your digital entries now due by MAY 15, no worries. Thank you

Photography has been an integral part of American culture since the 19th century, when the daguerreotype was introduced. Today, cellphones, once small enough to fit in a pocket, are growing larger and larger so they can contain more powerful cameras.  We invite all formats now. A roomful of Julius Lester’s “Photographs of the Black South, 1966 - 1969” artwork recently exhibited at Princeton University is reserved for this exhibit.

  • WHAT: Along with the exhibit, there will be planned artist talks, tours, Julius Lester videos, and community conversations. Volunteers will be available to answer questions, defuse misconceptions, and assist the viewing pleasure of visitors.
  • WHERE: The Monson Arts Council will host this Robert Floyd Photo Gallery invitational photo exhibit. The Arts Council is located at 200 Main Street, Monson, MA. 
  • WHEN: Friday, May 18, 2018 thru Monday, May 28, 2018. Exhibit Hours: Below
  • HOW: This is not a photo contest, and the photo exhibit artwork will not be judged. An artist’s statement of no more than 4 sentences should accompany all artwork submitted. Photographers who participate should submit images that create a narrative and tell the photographer’s story. There will be a presentation fee of $25 per photograph for artwork delivered to Monson, otherwise $35 if delivered to The Floyd Photo Gallery..

We are looking for photographs that illustrate the social issues of our times. These are the proposed categories with suggested themes for you:

  • Voter rights/registration _

    Kids voting with parents 

    Signs for candidates  

    Getting signatures on petitions 

    Knocking on doors 

    Voting in other countries

  • Climate change _


    Excessive erosion

    Ice blocks on rivers

    Snow on flowers

    Excessive heat

  • Healthcare _

    Emergency room

    Mothers & kids with bandages

    MDs delivering health care

    An accident

    Medical treatment in progress

    Medical situations in the field

  • Immigration _


    ESL students

    New citizen classes

    Changing storefronts (now open with new businesses)

    Farm workers

  • Gun safety/violence _

    Gun safety programs

    Images depicting safe gun habits

    Photo set-up: parts of a gun

  • Economic fairness (homelessness, equal pay, poverty) _

    Photos that depict homelessness, urban & rural poverty

    Economic revival

  • Expanding equality (human rights) _

  • Cultural celebrations involving multiple cultures

  • Cultural symbols

    Photos of young children playing

    Photos of old people enjoying life

    Religious services/practices 

Price: no charge


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