Learn to Sell Your Photography as Artwork

Oct 20, 2018 9:00 am - Noon | Category: Workshop

I have successfully managed The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery for nearly 17 years. Hundreds of photographers have exhibited here outselling all other photo venues in Western Massachusetts. Allow me to share my secrets and tips with you now.

In this limited enrollent class, you will have an unique opportunity to learn from Gallery Owner Robert Floyd how  to save you money, time, and have faith in yourself with your artwork. Priceless.

Here are some aspects that will be covered. Questions are always welcome.

A  Select a photo style that is unique to you now.

B  Present and frame your photography consistently to sell your photography as art.

C  Location. Location. Location for Real Estate. Niche. Niche. Niche…or artwork.  

D  Emotion sells art.

E  What's your story? The 30 second elevator speech. The 3 minute speech sitting near someone in an airplane or theater.

F  Create a story for each artwork, not to sell it yet to support it if and when necessary for press and beyond.

G  Reduce stress. Organize. Create systems. Avoid overload and implosion.

H  Who are you? An artist? A business person?

I  Explore your options: Art Galleries, Co-op Galleries, Magazines, Books, Art Fairs, Online, Art Licensing, Corporate Board Rooms.

J  Price your artwork fairly.

K  Create an Action Plan you can comfortable livw with.

L  Do it…now!!!

I personally guarantee your small investment for this class will save you many times more.

Interested in both morning and afternoon sessions? 

OK… We will serve you lunch at no charge in between sessions PLUS provide a savings for you. 

Register for these two $125 valued sessions by SEP 30…[NOTE: We have one emergency cancellation so this offer is extended thru OCT 20]...for ONLY $175 in total…a savings of $75 for you and a sit down LUNCH!



“Robert's presentation was very good. A lot of ideas. It was very informative.“_Jack G., Ludlow

“The class was very comprehensive. I liked the info particularly about galleries, books, and pricing artwork. The presentation on 30 day, 60 day, and six month plans were very helpful.“_Ellen F., Northampton

“I appreciate the inclusion of an action plan with timeline. It will help with focusing on steps needed to go forward.“_Rosemary P., Springfield

Price: $125. Save $30 with early registration by SEP 30 for only $95.


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