“The Why of Black and White Photography” Workshop

Dec 15, 2018 - Dec 15, 2018 9:30 am - Noon | Category: Workshop

Eileen Donelan talks about the process for one of her prints.

This three-month photo workshop is for Advanced Novice and Intermediate photographers who are ready and capable to concentrate on a disciplined approach to the art and technique of seeing and creating black and white images.   

“The Why of Black & White Photography Workshop” 

Saturdays: DEC 15, JAN 19, FEB 16 @ 9:30 am - Noon

Instructors: Robert Floyd, Photojournalist and Gallery Owner with Ed Judge, fine-art photographer and Certified Adobe Expert in Lightroom and Photoshop

We guarantee you an adventure where you and your seeing have never gone before. Take your photography to the next level. 100 % Guaranteed… Lots of fun and accomplishmnet awaits you. Register now…

  • This three-month photo workshop is for Advanced Novice and Intermediate photographers who are ready and capable to concentrate on a disciplined approach to the art and technique of seeing and creating black and white images.   
  • Black and White photography reinterprets our visual world and allows you a highly personal “voice.”
  • We will support your creative vision as a photographer to ensure you thoroughly understand exposure, tone, composition, and focus.
  • Each month our sessions will include examples of different genres. The genres include fine art, landscape, street photography, photojournalism, still life, portrait, and documentary.
  • You are encouraged to select a different historic photographer every month whose style will influence you to make informed decisions.  
  • You aree invited to capture a maximum of 36 images per month. 
  • Exploration is key to challenge, creativity, and growth.
  • You will present your best five and two least favored prints for discussion and constructive critique at our first and following sessions.
  • Our goal is for you to have a collection of five master prints in three months.
  • Emphasis will be to view light with a more critical eye and experiment with styles.
  • Learning through collaboration as well as trial and error will be key to making better B&W prints.
  • See through your eye rather than with your eye.

Think B&W film. Think different. Think play.

Invest in a lifetime experience.


  • Prior to the first session, you will select 3 prints you like and 2 prints you want help with. B&W prints are preferred.
  • Images will be printed on photo quality paper with an ink space from 8x10 to 12x18 inches in size.
  • You will bring your 5 prints to the first session at the Gallery.

Meetings: Three sessions will be held at The Floyd Photo Gallery on 3rd Saturdays.


Your equipment needs to enable you to make images that reflect your photographic vision, creativity, and craft.

1. Digital amera that can capture RAW images. Film camera users are invited.

2. Tripod, lenses, filters (Polarizer, Neutral Density, others.)

Tuition is only $295. Limited enrollment, no more than 4 participants.


     “I think the interest & support that you provide, along with your helpful critiques & sage advice gives us all the opportunity to see things a little differently, both as we capture images & as we edit them. And the workshop allows us the chance to grow & experiment along the way!“__Rosemary P, Springfield, Level 2 graduate


     “I would like to make an enthusiastic recommendation for “The Why of Black and White Photography” Workshop, Level I folllowing upon the very positive experience I had with it.

     Robert Floyd is an exceptional teacher and person, he definitely has the ‘gift.' Robert is a very experienced and accomplished photographer who isdedicated to teaching that is informative, very supportive, inspiring and motivating. I learned a lot from him with an impressive amount of individualized attention and teaching.

     This workshop provides a very solid, even exciting introduction to the unique elements of black and white images. My skills and confidence took a significant jump during the three months. 

     Feel encouraged to contact me through Robert if I can be of any help in thinking out the decision to participate in the above noted workshops.“__Barry F,  Amherst, Level 1 graduate

Price: 350. Save $55, register before DEC 8 for only $295.


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